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      I just won an old German Luger in a card game. Yes, I have been told we shouldn’t gamble. The luger is badly worn and some of the parts have different numbers. I am thinking of having it re-blued, or perhaps parkerizing it. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what the best kind of holster is for a Luger?

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      Hi Andy. Your question is timely because I had just posted the below video yesterday. I can’t tell if you mean what holster type was historic, or if you mean what is a good carry holster for CCW use or if you mean for field use while hunting or doing something similar. Likewise you haven’t told us what type or size of Luger it is. I am going to assume you mean the more common one with a 4 inch barrel.

      Bianchi comes to mind as a holster maker for both a hunting holster and a concealed carry holster. The Bianchi UM884I holster makes a very good field holster. You may wish to check out the old Bianchi Model 88, I suggest hunting one on Ebay.

      More recently check out this selection from Uncle Mike’s

      Here is my video concerning the military holsters for German Lugers. Hopefully yours is a German variant as the holster choices for the other countries are different.

      Hope that helps.

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