Living well is not easy

In fact it is a daily struggle.  Mortgages and rents, investments, neighbors and jobs, and never forget wife and family.

In various posts to follow I will either write about a hobby or perhaps a world event or something I find of importance.  One of my hobbies is firearms (especially the old ones) so I may do some posts about them.  I like well built knives and tools (can we say Busse or Cattaragus?  How about Sieg?).

We are going to see some changes on the website as I become more familiar with WordPress and how to do some stuff.  Already there have been some major site revisions in the past few months.  I can see others coming.

I use mini mills and mini lathes by Sieg (similar to the ones shown below, clicking on the images will bring you to some for sale at Amazon.com) for my at home projects. I also find them very useful to make parts for my old tractors and similar stuff.

No, I am not a machinist by trade.  If I had to describe my occupation these days I would say a book reader or a historian.  Alternatively, I love to tinker and mess with stuff.  Old tractors, cars, antique guns, etc. I buy a lot of my gun parts and tooling from these guys.

Factory Rifle Parts from the industry’s leading firearms manufacturers at Brownells.com.

How did I get a web page?  I simply signed up for one at Wealthy Affiliates.  Your first two web pages there are free.  Check it out, doing so costs you nothing and there are some good people there.


This site contains ad links Not random ads, but ads for products I use or show in my videos or mention in the blogs. Those links are I believe, important for your being able to get the most out of this site. If you are running ad block, then of course you will in some cases have to hunt elsewhere for the products I mention, I believe it is to your advantage to view some of the links. In some cases it has been arranged for discounts for consumers linking to the products through this web site. Also free shipping in a few cases. It is your choice.

What’s the best anti virus program out there in my opinion? AVG. An advertising link follows Again, it is your choice whether or not to view it, but I believe you should.

AVG Internet Security

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