Changes to YouTube rules

YouTube (owned by Google) has announced new rules banning videos involving making firearms, installing accessories, and hand loading ammunition, or posting links to websites that make, sell or link to sources of the banned items.  I expect this to adversely impact both my channel and this website as I have well over 100 videos up many of which address that topic posted here and on YouTube.

Like many makers of the newly impacted videos  I find no easy solution.  It is my belief that firearms are as important to man’s history as is the invention of fire or the wheel.  I am of the belief that every human should know how to change a car tire or oil, understand why a light bulb works, or how to build a firearm and know about them.  Google and YouTube do not share this belief.  I considered my videos to be educational and regret that YouTube feels knowledge should be censored.

I may move some of my videos to alternate servers such as Bitchute, however experimentation shows links to those sites is not quite as compatible with the software this site runs on as were the videos posted on YouTube.

Some links here may break as YouTube deletes videos and channels they find offensive to their view of what knowledge humans should have.  I will try to recover or replace the video links they erase.  Sadly, as I had (foolishly) trusted YouTube as a video storage site, some of the videos may not be replaceable.  This sudden change in YouTube policy is of course a topic of some discussion on many websites and forums around the planet.