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At this time we have three basic levels of membership here.

The unregistered Spectator. This person can view much of the content on the site, but some areas are closed and not visible to them. This person has no privileges to post or comment or upload media. If you just arrived here off Google or another search engine you are probably a Spectator.

Basic Registrant or Bronze level.  This person is a registered user of this website.  Some areas of the website closed to the Spectator level are open to the registered Bronze member.  A Bronze may post articles, comment on articles, upload media, and use other features of this site. At this time registration is free and takes only a moment.

Sponsoring member or Silver.  This level is for financial contributors to the site.  A Silver member has all of the privileges of the Bronze level but may also access some premium features and access areas the Bronze member can not.

To register for forums, go to the bottom right and under Meta you will find the link to registration. The system will then send a verification email to the email address you put down. After you click on the verification link in that email you will be brought back and given your password. Please remember the password the system assigns you.