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      At the beginning of World War II a worker at the FB factory in Belgium grabbed a bunch of blueprints for the Browhing 1935 High Power 9mm pistol and fled to Canada. As World War II progressed his company began to produce a clone pistol known as the Ingles. It was quickly adapted by the Commonwealth and Canada. Another customer for these pistols was China which was in dire need of new pistols to combat the Japanese invasion with.

      There were basically two versions of the pistol. One with fixed sights and one with adjustable sights. Both versions were slotted for shoulder stocks which also could double as a holster. Like the P-35 pistol it cloned the Ingles used a double stack magazine in caliber 9mm Parabellum. With the ending of the war production of the Ingles ceased although variants of the original FN pistol are still made today.

      Here in this video I demonstrate this pistol.

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