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      Well I ramble a bit, but I wanted to introduce you to an old friend of my family. A very good friend which has traveled with 3 generations of my family to bad places in bad times in Europe, Africa, South America, Panama, and of course many parts of the US.

      Vii]deo one introduces you to our families first 1911, an actual Springfield Armory made 1911. Colt and the US Army’s Springfield Armory collaborated early on in the first years of 1911 production and in 1913 Springfield Armory. The production run (1912 – 1918)at Springfield Armory was contemporaneous with that of Colt and some of the other WWI 1911 manufacturers. The production was periodically suspended as the armories primary focus was the 1903 service rifle and other war implements. In all Springfield Armory produced about 25,700 1911 pistols. Sometime around 1978 or ’79 I also replaced all the springs with HD springs from Wolff.

      In video two I hurriedly race the setting sun to complete a 14 shot string. The last round shot did indeed misfire on the first attempt. That round is/was an old Norma softpoint I bought second hand. The misfire was not wholly unanticipated several other rounds in that baggie of discounted bullets also have misfired over the decades since I bought them for plinking in the 80s. As seen in the video with the second fall of the hammer the round did fire.

      In video three we get a better look at the old 1911s latest replacement. A personally customized Colt Series 80 1991A1 Combat. Modifications done by me included a replacement of the front sight with a Trijicon front sight (which I may swap out again for a fiber optic for better daylight visibility), the stippling of the front grip to enable better retention and grip if the pistol is wet with blood, the replacement of the hammer with a wide spur one of early 1911 configuration, replacement of the plastic mainspring housing with a steel checkered mainspring housing, replacement of the plastic trigger with a one piece machined steel trigger and trigger bar, a Wolff HD spring pack, wooden grips to replace the cheap plastic ones and of course Wilson Combat magazines.

      Video 4 is a firing of the 1991a1.

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