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      The SARb6 is a licensed clone of the 9mm CZ75, but made in Turkey. It was imported into the United States by EAA. The price is usually quite affordable compared to weapons made by companies which are well known in the US. My understanding is the steel framed SARb6 was (or is being) phased out in favor of the plastic framed SARb6P which is otherwise basically the same as the steel framed version.

      SR is a gun making firm in Turkey which has experience making firearms going back to the 1880s or earlier. The military of Turkey (NATO’s 2nd largest military) is one of SAR’s largest customers. Because the SARb6 is a licensed copy of the CZ75 several shooters have learned that some of the parts internal to both guns actually interchange with very little or no modification being required.

      The CZ75 was one of the first of the ‘Wonder 9′ double action (DA) capable pistols, but was not initially available inside the US since the gun’s maker, Czechoslovakia, was at that time a member of the Soviet Warsaw pact. Still, many gun writers and firearms experts noted it’s emergence and when the Soviet Empire collapsed under it’s own weight in 1990 imports of the CZ75 soon followed.

      Today in addition to the steel framed full sized versions there are also plastic framed versions and compact versions and even compact plastic framed versions. Variations in caliber also exist. Because of import Tariffs (60%) being levied against imports from Warsaw Pact nations Czechoslovakia was not as successful in marketing the CZ75 to the West as had been hoped. The clear solution was to issue licensing agreements to Western gun manufacturers to make exact (or almost exact) clones of the pistol. Weirdly it soon transpired that Czechoslovakia had failed to acquire world wide patents on their design. Fratelli Tanfoglio in Italy was one of the first firms to begin making clones of the CZ75. Dozens of other firms around the planet began making variants of the CZ75. Some were of poor quality, unlicensed and of low reliability. Some were licensed copies of high quality. In my opinion the SAR b6 is one of the better ones.

      At least 20 nations (according to Wikipedia) are known to have used or still use the CZ75 or some of the clone variants in either their military or police agencies. The US is amongst those as it’s armies’ Delta Force and several police departments are known to have used one form or another of the CZ75.

      In the below video I test a SARb6 with both a full magazine of 115 gr. FMJ ammo and also a magazine of 115 and 147 gr. FMJ mixed with some 115 gr. Winchester Silvertips (JHP). No malfunctions or misfires were experienced.

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