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      Hunting season approaches. You have a place you can shoot. Your rifle (or pistol) is new to you however and you need to sight it in. You can try to do so from a standing position, but the nature of the human body is such that best accuracy is never achieved by shooting off hand. A kneeling position, or using cross sticks offers more accuracy, but motion variables still creep in, so your attempts to sight the gun in may not necessarily produce the results you want.

      The most accurate unaided shooting position with a long arm is prone, but who wants to lay down in the mud if they don’t have to?

      Historically the most accurate shooting position is from a bench, possibly using sandbags as a rest. This option also allows you to easily employ a spotter scope so that you can easily see exactly where that last bullet hit without having to plod out to the target to check after each shot.

      Don’t yet own a shooting bench? Not a problem if you can find some lumber and own a few basic wood working tools. The video below shows you one shooter who built an excellent shooter’s bench. The video provides basic step by step instructions which you can follow to build your own perfect shooting bench.

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