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      The first time I encountered a Colt M16 was back at the NY Worlds Fair in the mid 1960s. The US Army had one in their exhibit. It was green in color. Yes, that long ago. Over a decade later in my ROTC unit it was black in color but still essentially unchanged. Since then many other small changes crept in, enough so that today it can be argued (due to manufacturing changes causing increases in durability and reliability) it can be argued it is really no longer the same rifle. The M16 had become the M16a1, then the M16a2, then the M16a3, then the M4. The civilian variants were all called the AR 15. As a member of this state’s militia I kept abreast of changes through our sister organization, our States National Guard. This year I decided to acquire a personal LE model of the M4 carbine.

      This video shows my first backyard test firing of my new Colt M4 purchase.

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