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      Here I demonstrate the Webley Mark VI service revolver. This was the last of the .455 Webley revolvers. Introduced in the last year of World War One many saw service in World War Two. Declared obsolte by the wars end it none the less continued service in many former British colonies up through the 1960s and maybe a little beyond that.

      Several thousadn of these were imported into the US after WW II ended and because .455 ammunition was rare in the US in order to help sales many had the rear of their cylinders shaved so the guns wouly work with .45acp ammunition in combination with half moon clips.

      All persons should be aware this was an unsafe conversion as the standard chamber pressure of the US .45 acp service round is greater than the chamber pressure of the .455 Webley proof round. There have been several known instances of these imprudently converted revolvers bursting when fired with .45 acp ammunition. The one in this video is still chambered for and firing factory ammunition in caliber .455 Webley.

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