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Do you have a desire to write about one of your old guns or a rare cartridge you shoot? Have you built your own copy of a rare firearm or re-manufactured a cartridge that hasn’t existed commercially for a century? Do you like seeing articles you write on-line and exchanging emails with folks having the same interest?

This website, plimking.com, is seeking articles about such things.

You must be the actual author of the blog or forum post and authorize it’s publication here.

The submitted article should be about a cartridge or firearm which is at least 100 years old,
provide technically accurate information about a commercially manufactured weapon of very short production run such as the Indonesian Pindad PS-01 or pistols which can not normally and legally be brought into the US and which consequentially are not much seen inside the US.

The article should be accompanied by photographs and or videos spliced into the article.

The article must not be hostile to any group, race or religion.

The article must not contain anything pornographic and must not advocate performing illegal acts, or which in my opinion appear to be pornographic or advocating any illegal acts.

My personal interest is in the weapons that emerged after the US Civil War but before World War One. So articles about Belgian copies of a Colt 1860 Army revolver made after the Civil War in Belgium would probably qualify for printing here. Alternatively, an article about an 1860 clone converted to cartridges in the pre-1900 period would also be of probable interest.

Articles should contain information (when possible) as to the time frame of the weapons manufacture, the country of manufacture, what it is, the caliber, it’s known uses, etc.

I.e., ‘This .33 caliber service pistol was purchased by the government of France from the Illyat weapons factory in Kashmir, India in the year 1913. Only two hundred were made before the order was cancelled with the start of WWI. Of those two hundred only 20 survived. The pistol is best described as a semi automatic side loading revolver. Pulling the trigger rotates the cylinder and engages the hammer as with most double action revolvers. However upon firing the recoil pushes the top strap out of the way and the fired cartridge ejects out the top of the cylinder. When empty the gun opens sideways by operation of a thumb latch similar to many double action revolvers today. The pistol uses a unique bottle necked cartridge which I duplicated by shortening and necking down a US 45-70 cartridge.’ Etc.

The article should be at least 700 words in length. A general rule of thumb to follow should be at least two clear pictures (or videos or combination of) for each 700 words.

All articles must be in English and spell checked with reasonably good grammar.

Unless approved by the owners of both websites and the author, submitted articles must not be duplicates of any other website’s article.

Photos provided must be original photographs and not stock photos lifted off Google or similar websites, except when specifically authorized by me and properly credited with the written permission of the website’s owner and or other copyright owner.

As administrator of the website I reserve the right to refuse or delete any article or submission without explanation.

This website shall have the right to post the article and associated photographs or videos until such time as doing so no longer meets the needs of this website. Authors may request the removal of photos or articles, but the website shall not be obligated to immediately comply, although we may if the reason is reasonable (i.e., duplication of a better article, etc.) and time and other outside priorities permit.

Applicants should not place any links to websites they do not own in the article, or advertisements for non firearms related products, but it is permitted to mention the sites or companies. I.e., I purchased the part at Brownells and bought the shoulder stock at Sarco, etc. but you may not include an affiliate link.

This is a copyrighted website, however the submitter or an article or photo retains their copyrighted interest in the submission. Photos or other submissions will not be used elsewhere by site personnel without your permission.

I reserve the right to suggest or require edits to the submission when needed.

All submitters will be required to identify themselves properly before any submission can be posted. The determination of what will satisfy me as identification will vary depending on many factors but will probably include a valid email address you can be reached at, i.e., registration. In some cases I may require the submitter to provide more information to me. This is highly likely if your claimed name is a very common one, or one of a well known public figure such as Tom Cruise, or Sean Connery, etc.

Submitters of articles may use a pen name only if your true name is known to me in case copyright or similar issues arise or I believe you are a known individual based on other data available to me.

Submissions will be made with no promise of, or expectation of any compensation whatsoever beyond the joy of seeing your article online.

Submitters should be aware this website is founded solely by the ad links and private donations. Therefore this website reserves the right to place links to websites offering various products of possible interest to your readers at the end of the article or other appropriate place. Such links may be for vendors or appropriate holsters, reloading equipment, chronographs, targets, bullet moulds, sources of cartridge brass, anti virus software for their computer, bullet loading and trajectory calculation software, gun smith tools, etc. If an advertisement link is in the author’s opinion inappropriate in placement or subject I agree to consider changing the ad link or moving it, but am not required to do so.

Writers must register on the forums page. The article should be placed in the appropriate section.

Submissions should be virus or malware free and be in .doc or .txt format if not written online. You may be asked to include the photos as separate submissions if they are not incorporated into a Word document. The submission of videos must, due to the many formats available and site limitations, be decided on a case by case basis. At this time providing a valid link to a publicly viewable Youtube video is the best way of moving a video from your PC to this website.

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